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Patti smith pour Fisso

Hi, pretty sister

For you, some videos, about PS, they were made in time so they look funny now.

So, she ever says the same things, « This world is yours, so what are you waiting for doing something ».

That’s for you my sweat fisso (i get to make an article about a cray, nice book, called « blues for Jimi Hendrix », so i’m gonna work, maybe with Mister Pop. The paper must be on Factory at the end of the week, and the boss, she’s really in time, but great. She knows what is blues, much more she plays Hey Joe, i think many time, she gets a gun in her head, and one day, it will be a surprise, like a big wave, a tsunami of cold tears in her green eyes hurted by a dirty shadow. She looks for johnny, cause she gets the feeling, but not the ticket.

Your little sister

Lady IG

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